Season two Trailer: Transcript

ACTOR: My brother Danny is an idiot. Granted, he’s three, but you should have heard him. “I wanna fly. Can you fly? Why not? Can I fly? Why not?” BECAUSE! “...because why?” I didn’t know. I just said: People can’t fly. They can’t fly, just like elephants can’t and cows and monkeys can’t. And those creatures aren’t constantly flinging themselves towards the heavens--so why are we?

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TRENAE: This is Mouthful. I’m Trenae Nuri, the host of Season Two.

MITCHELL: And I’m Mitchell Bloom, editor and producer.

ACTOR: I mean, all animals have limits and they are accepting them. I’ve never seen a lion trying to live beneath an ocean, or a salmon trying to walk on land.

TRENAE: Every week, we’ll having a complicated conversation with a young person about the things that matter to them, things that they have written about and shared on stages across the city. Then we’ll go out into the community to talk to teens, adults, experts--anyone who can broaden the conversation.

ACTOR: Well you should have seen this little brat throw a tantrum, all because he couldn’t fly!

MITCHELL: We'll also be joined this season by Maya Pen, a recent high school graduate, artist, and advocate.

MAYA: So what did you guys think of this monologue that you read?

MITCHELL: We’ll turn to young people to lead conversations about everything from gun violence and sexual harassment to coming out and resilience in the face of challenge.

ACTOR: Why do people have such an attitude about the things we can’t do? He—this little kid—assumed that humans could do anything and then freaking exploded when, for the first time, someone told him, “you can’t.”

MITCHELL: As we were putting together Season Two, one monologue just stuck in our minds as sort of a thesis statement for the entire season. It’s called “Thoughts Can Fly,” and it was written by Haley Gordon when she was a freshman in high school, performed here by Aaron Bell.

ACTOR: There’s a story book that I read to Danny before he goes to sleep sometimes. It’s about all the living things debating who should be king, the leader, the big dog. The lion thinks he’s the best for the job because he’s the strongest. This huge bird thinks he should be king because he’s the best flyer. What’s our “est”? Man is definitely not the strongest or biggest or fastest… He can’t live underwater. He can’t fly--not really. Why were chosen “to be king” then? Why are we better for the job?

Oh wait, I forgot, we are the smartest, or the wisest, we were “meant” to lead. We are the ones who talk and walk on two legs and… create. We make things.

Things that let us fly. Sure, we’ve got our toy ships to master the ocean and toy planes to master the sky, and that’s well and good. But why do we want to fly so much? I guess it started ‘cause we still believe we owned the sky, and we needed to assess its value or something. We just need to know what’s up there. Maybe people expected to find something up there, not Heaven exactly, but a missing part of ourselves and our “meaning.” We were losing out on something we were “entitled” to. But surprise, surprise, the only stuff up there was condensed water and lost balloons.

I blame my English teacher for all of this--this “thinking.” She assigns all this random reading--really deep stuff--and like an idiot I’ve been doing instead of B-S-ing it. I just… thought it mattered, at the beginning. I had this feeling that I should learn all I can about the world, make a difference. Stupid, but that’s why I did it. The problem is now I can’t just play dumb. Now, it really is partly my fault, if the whole world is underwater and all animals go extinct and… and whatever. I don’t want that on me. All these damn thoughts are colliding in my head like a bunch of positively charged hydrogen atoms--sorry. Science test tomorrow. Look, the point is I can’t get this stuff off my mind!

One thing we do… is ask questions.

TRENAE: Young people are asking questions.

ACTOR: And, what other animal can ask questions? What other animal will spend lifetimes trying to answer them? What the hell else will spend an afternoon answering a given, except a human?

TRENAE: Important questions that need answers.

ACTOR: When Danny asks me questions, he trusts me and trusts that I will answer him. That’s something. Our questions…  <sound of a mosquito and a smack> Yow! Damn mosquito. He probably thinks he’s king, too. I’m going inside, it’s nasty out here.

MITCHELL: This season, we're adding new voices and new perspectives, but most importantly, we’re continuing to lift up the voices of young people.

TRENAE: This is Mouthful. Season Two begins April 3rd. Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.