Episode 16: War Paint

A monologue about claiming and reclaiming power over one's body starts a conversation about sexual harassment. Featuring conversations with Dori Hoffman, a high school junior who wrote her monologue "War Paint" after four years of silence about her own experience of sexual harassment; and Nuala Cabral, a filmmaker, educator, and activist dedicated to teaching consent and confronting sexual harassment in all its forms.

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So when I see you, I dip my hands into buckets filled with every color of the rainbow. I press my palms to my forehead, to my eyelids, and to my lips and only then, once every part of me has been protected, am I able to walk past you.
— from "War Paint" by Dori Hoffman
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Further Reading & Resources

Watch Nuala Cabral's short film "Walking Home" below:

Learn about Tarana Burke and the #MeToo movement's Philly origins, via Philly.com.

Read about a new hotline set up by a University of the Arts student that responds to street harassers and gives some power back in a creative way.

About the Performer

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Donovan is an Actor/Writer/Teaching Artist who proudly hails from New Orleans but has made Philly her artistic home. With PYP, Donovan has taught workshops and residencies, acted in the Young Voices Monologue Festival, in staged readings, and in classrooms, and has selected high school submissions for the 2017 Literary Committee.  She has performed regionally at Walnut St Theatre, Theatre Horizon, Philadelphia Artists’ Collective, Revolution Shakespeare, Delaware Shakespeare, Scranton Shakespeare Festival, Hangar Theatre, New Orleans Fringe, and Philly Fringe, amongst others. BFA: Ithaca College. donovanlockett.com

"War Paint" was directed by Hannah Van Sciver for the 2018 Mouthful Monologue Festival. Accompaniment by Daniel De Jesus.

Music for this episode is by Lee Rosevere, used under the Creative Commons license.