the "t" with Trinity: Fine Dining

High school senior and Philadelphia Young Playwrights intern Trinity's take on Mouthful. 

I am very grateful for this once in a lifetime experience and for all I have learned.
— Trinity Williams

August 22, 2017:

Work, work, and more work.

On this episode of Mouthful, they talked about their best and worst jobs. For example, Mitchell, the producer of Mouthful, talked about his worst job happening when he was a high school. His boss offered him 35 hours a week, which is almost impossible for many high school students. When his mother talked to the boss about changing the hours his boss replied by saying that if he couldn't do the 35 hours he wouldn't be able to work there. Although Mitchell only worked there for two days, it was still on his list for worst jobs. Special guest Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Youth Network spoke about the organization and the struggles of teens finding a job. Townsend works to help youth find jobs and internships not only during the summer but during the school year as well.

As a teen trying to get a job can be very challenging. This summer, as I was trying to find a job, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I applied for a total of 6 jobs including Work Ready. Work Ready is an organization under Philadelphia Youth Network that helps youth find jobs throughout Philadelphia. Years previously I had applied for Work Ready and got to the job. The best part about applying to Work Ready is your only competing against Philadelphia high school students.

Two weeks after applying to Work Ready this year, I got a call back letting me know I got the job. Once you get accepted to Work Ready you are then assigned a organization to work at during the week, full-time, Monday-Wednesday. The organization I was assigned to was Philadelphia Young Playwrights (PYP). I really enjoy working at PYP, and I have fun doing the tasks I am asked to do. My job at PYP, essentially, is to help out in any way possible. One of the jobs I am required to do is to listen to episodes of their podcast, Mouthful, to write a review for it that explains what happened in the podcast, and to dig into how I relate to it. Once I get finished with the writing, I create an image to go with the writing. Then it is posted on PYP’s social media and on the Mouthful website as part of my very own column, “The T With Trinity!” But you already know that... you're reading it!

During my "professional days" (Thursdays and Fridays), I worked as a Bloomberg Intern. As a Bloomberg intern, I attended trips on Thursdays to different museums located in Philadelphia. Most of the museums I’ve visited I had no idea existed. On Fridays, we have different organizations come and help with our college process. University of Pennsylvania comes and helps us with writing our Common Application Essay.

I loved working at Bloomberg. They taught me so much about myself and helped me become more confident when speaking in front of a lot of people. As an intern I learned a lot about Philadelphia and the many museums I never knew existed.

Working as an intern at PYP, I learned that I want to pursue a career in writing. Before coming to PYP, I truly believed that I wanted to be an anchor woman but now I know for sure that's not what I want to do. If I hadn't started working as an Bloomberg intern and at PYP, I would not have learned this much about myself. I am very grateful for this once in a lifetime experience and for all I have learned. It’s certainly been better than my own “worst job” experience!

My worst job experience happened to me recently: I had to watch a seven month old baby.

I offered to help my grandma babysit my cousin. On our way to my grandmother's house the baby fell asleep in the car which made me really happy. Once we got into the house the baby woke up making our job very hard. We decided that if we wanted him to go to sleep we should feed him a little bit before bed. The problem with feeding him was he wasn't used to using a bottle which mad our job 10x harder. The baby wouldn’t eat all night but we could tell he was hungry because he would not stop crying. He eventually fell asleep at 12 AM while sitting in his rocking chair. I decided that I was also tired and fell asleep also.

While I was sleeping I heard something. Maybe an alarm? Fire alarm? Snoring? None of the above. It was the cries of the baby at 4 AM. My grandma grabs him out the crib and tries to rock him back to sleep but it didn't work. She then hands the baby to me and goes to the kitchen to get his bottle (which he isn't used to drinking from). As I held the baby he was quiet which made me fall asleep while still holding him. In that quick moment of silence he began to cry again. I get out the bed still holding him while he cries and turn to this favorite show Dave and Ava.

The cries cease, bringing a smile to my face. As my grandmother walks back into the room the cries start again. She grabs him and tries to give him the bottle (a foreign object that he's never used before), but he still doesn't drink from it. Falling asleep has never been a problem to me, so as he’s crying in her arms I doze off into what seemed to be a 5 minute sleep. His cries have me tossing and turning, so I wake  up and grab the baby from my grandmother and try to rock him with his blue pacifier in his mouth. The cries end, which is music to our ears. By the time I turn around to pass the baby back to my grandma, I hear snoring. Not snoring from the baby, but from my grandma.

That night seemed like forever! It went from beginning at 4 am, then to 6 am, then 8 am. I was exhausted.The more the baby cried the more I wanted to cry with him. I knew that that would be the last time I would ever babysit a baby. I had had enough of babies in one night.